Hi I am Scott Nicholls and I am teaching math, electronics and STEM.

My passion for teaching comes from my life experiences.

I came to teaching later in life, having recently graduated from La Trobe University.

Before deciding that teaching was for me, my career was mostly in the IT industry, managing an IT based company. Of my passions, my greatest is my children, I have three daughters. Together we stay fit and have fun together in activities including riding motorbikes, playing music and various sports.

The STEM classes I am involved in this semester are based around a ‘Rube Goldberg machine’ model. Do you remember the old mouse trap game? Students are designing and building these to experiment with and learn about simple machines such as levers, pullies and inclined planes.

The STEM curriculum provides students a fun, exciting and authentic setting to challenge and develop their understandings of how the world works at their own pace and direction, under the guidance of their educator.



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