Paul O’Shea
Learning Specialist

Paul O’Shea is the Learning Specialist for Weeroona College Bendigo.  His focus is on building excellence in teaching and learning for STEM.

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

WCB believes that STEM is an excellent way for students to learn because it is active learning.  Students are required to try out their ideas and experiment.

Students are provided problems and are guided to ask questions to work towards an answer – like “What happens if I do this?” or “I think this will happen if I…”

The WCB STEM pilot program, lead by Paul, shows that students are highly engaged in their learning with STEM.  When a student has a problem to solve, they become absorbed by the challenge and think of creative ways to come up with a solution.

Creative thinking is essential for all students; it is a skill that you learn and practice.  We recognise that we live in a world that has so much information.  With STEM we teach our students to apply knowledge in new and novel ways.

Paul’s vision for every WCB student is to engage in learning through STEM.  Everyone learns better when they enjoy what they are doing.



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