Athlete Development Program available through Weeroona College Bendigo

What is the Athlete Development Program?

The Athlete Development Program (ADP) supports student athletes by linking classroom learning and sport. The long-term, select entry program, offers student athletes full time access to highly skilled staff and coaches, working closely together to shape their sporting pathway.

The integrated program, combining sport and academics, aims to support students in developing a range of skills through tailored specialist coaching to develop high-level skills for their sport of choice.

The program encourages students to find their best, both through their sport of choice and in the classroom. Shaping and supporting students’ passions, academic progress, behavioural expectations and efforts through the program is a key focus for all staff in getting the best out of their students.

In 2021, the ADP will offer the following sports:
• Athletics (Track & Field)
• Basketball
• Cricket
• Cycling
• Netball
• Football (Soccer)

After successfully operating at Bendigo South East College, the ADP has been expanded to include students from Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Crusoe College, Eaglehawk Secondary College, Weeroona College Bendigo and Bendigo Senior Secondary College. This aligns with the Bendigo Education Plan vision of schools working together to give young people equal access to quality programs, facilities and opportunities.

The ADP is dedicated to providing student-athletes with a specialised training and development environment while placing equal emphasis on supporting their academic and personal efforts required to reach their goals.

ADP Webinar

Selection and Criteria

Students must satisfy minimum criteria in sport, attitude to learning, behaviour and effort to be eligible for selection.

To be considered for entry, applicants must:
• Be enrolled at Bendigo South East College, Crusoe College, Eaglehawk Secondary College or Weeroona College Bendigo for year of commencement
• Submit a complete ADP application by July 31st
• Attend selection trial(s), as required

2021 Parent/Student Information Book


Admission into the program is select-entry. Selection is based on an applicant’s previous school-year report and a character reference, as well as physical and sport squad testing. Staff across all colleges will coordinate admission, testing and delivery of the program. All selected athletes must adhere to a Student Athlete Agreement.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in applying for the Athlete Development Program for 2021, we’d love to hear from you, using the form below.

Expression of Interest Form

Bendigo Education Plan

The Victorian Government is committed to transforming education, giving young people the support they need to become successful learners and equal opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and capabilities they need to thrive in the 21st century.

The Bendigo Education Plan was launched in 2018 to deliver that vision. It brings together representatives from early childhood, primary and secondary schools, higher education, industry, community, government and social services to develop new ways to:

  • ensure students have equal access to quality programs, facilities and opportunities
  • build teacher and educator capacity so they can support Bendigo students to aim higher and achieve more
  • strengthen support for children and young people as they transition through different stages of their learning – from kindergarten, to primary, to secondary and beyond
  • collaborate with families, carers, community and industry, so they become more engaged in the learning and development of local students.

The Plan was developed through community engagement, departmental data and education experts. It builds on an earlier initiative that focused on improving local secondary education.

Download the Bendigo Education Plan 2018 to learn more about the case for change, the challenges ahead, and next steps.


For queries around the Athlete Development Program please email

For queries around the Bendigo Education Plan please email


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