Our New School

New School Buildings

We are part of the Bendigo Education Plan and our school was totally rebuilt between 2010-2012, with all new facilities that support world class, innovative teaching and learning. Our students and staff are now enjoying state of the art facilities that allow for stage related learning for each individual student.

The new spaces are designed to provide for a wide range of flexible teaching and learning activities including: independent study, peer tutoring, small and large group work, project based learning, lecture based learning, seminar style learning, research, including use of the Internet, performances and presentations by students, learning by building and doing, community service, social and emotional learning and experimentation.

Our new learning environment features ecologically sustainable design features, including natural lighting and ventilation, the use of sustainable materials, and dispersed technology.

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Would you please pass on our gratitude to the Principal, teachers and support staff at Weeroona College. Thanks to their efforts, Mary has transitioned well into high school and has enjoyed the extra-curricular activities, such as basketball and Concert band. She has also achieved well academically and enjoyed her first year at your college.

Happy Parents

The Learning Community structures are an excellent model.

My child’s advisor cares about him holistically and this is important to me.

Overall, we are very happy with Weeroona College Bendigo. The teachers are always approachable and very informative.

We have found the energy and enthusiasm from the office staff, teachers, and principal outstanding. Keep up the magical work and we look forward to the coming years.

Parent Survey Responses