Principal’s Report

Leanne Kids 2012

A Message from the Principal

It gives me much pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful school and I thank you for wanting to learn more about Weeroona College Bendigo.

Weeroona College Bendigo is located on the northern side of Bendigo and currently has a population of 600, year 7 to year 10 students. We have very strong educational partnerships with our associate primary schools in the White Hills cluster, the local Bendigo year 7 to 10 colleges and Bendigo Senior Secondary College. Weeroona College Bendigo (WCB) is part of the Bendigo Education Plan and our school was totally rebuilt with all new facilities completed at the end of 2012.

The new spaces provide for a wide range of flexible teaching and learning activities including: independent study, peer tutoring, small and large group work, project based learning, lecture based learning, seminar style learning, research, performances and presentations by students, learning by building and doing, community service, social and emotional learning and experimentation. Our learning environment features ecologically sustainable design features, including natural lighting and ventilation, the use of sustainable materials, and dispersed technology means that staff and students can access ICT anywhere, any time. We are a one to one, BYOD school.

WCB has a firm commitment to maximising the educational opportunities for each and every one of our students and we place a high emphasis on all students achieving Personal Excellence, which is one of our three core values. Each student has a Personal Learning Plan where teachers and parents can track progress with their students to ensure that individual learning needs are met. Literacy and Numeracy are a high priority at Weeroona College Bendigo where we work to ensure that our teaching supports all students across the curriculum. We are a community of readers and encourage reading opportunities at school and at home and we have a personalised learning model for teaching Mathematics that supports individual learners.

Our College has made the development of a high quality curriculum that caters for the needs of all students a major priority over the past few years. A balanced core curriculum is offered for year seven and eight 8 students and year 9 & 10 students study a mixture of core and elective studies. Recently we have introduced a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based curriculum across the college. Our year 10 students have access to VCE courses and our year 9/10 to VET programs with successful pathways to Bendigo Senior Secondary College, our year 11 and 12 provider.

WCB has a strong culture of extracurricular programs. We have a proud tradition in the Performing and Visual Arts including a well-supported instrumental music program, bands and arts spectaculars and College productions. The College also has very high standard sporting programs, where our students compete as the Weeroona Warriors. We are proud of our students who perform exceptionally well in a broad range of interschool sports activities. We have forged community partnerships with the YMCA Harriers, the Bendigo Umpires Association, the Sandhurst/Weeroona Cricket Club and the Bendigo & District Cricket Association as part of our Building Stronger Links Program. Another highlight of the College program is our participation in the RACV Energy Breakthrough competitions. The college has an outstanding record of success over many years and the students, staff and families involved have benefitted enormously from this program.

Weeroona College Bendigo places a high emphasis on caring for the wellbeing of each individual student. The College has a student welfare team which has included a Student Welfare Coordinator, a Chaplain, a Koorie Education Support Officer and a School Nurse. An important component of the support we provide for each student is their Learning Advisor. The Advisor works to support each of their students by working closely with them for the time that they are a student at our College in all aspects of their wellbeing and education and through close tracking of their learning and contact with home.

We have developed a culture of high expectations for all our students and have embedded a Learning Protocol framework based on our school values: Respect, Integrity and Personal Excellence. To support this, we have also developed a learning support plan that clearly articulates a consistent set of expectations by all staff through the use of a restorative approach.


Leanne Preece


Would you please pass on our gratitude to the Principal, teachers and support staff at Weeroona College. Thanks to their efforts, Mary has transitioned well into high school and has enjoyed the extra-curricular activities, such as basketball and Concert band. She has also achieved well academically and enjoyed her first year at your college.

Happy Parents

The Learning Community structures are an excellent model.

My child’s advisor cares about him holistically and this is important to me.

Overall, we are very happy with Weeroona College Bendigo. The teachers are always approachable and very informative.

We have found the energy and enthusiasm from the office staff, teachers, and principal outstanding. Keep up the magical work and we look forward to the coming years.

Parent Survey Responses