Transport to WCB

There are numerous ways to get to Weeroona College Bendigo.

For those families that reside within the Bendigo Township, the Public Transport system will allow for you to attend WCB. The Country School bus system is for those families that reside outside of the Bendigo township.

Country School Bus System

For families who reside outside the Bendigo Public Transport System and wish to travel by bus, the Country School Bus System will allow for travel to WCB.

You must reside outside central Bendigo. If you are unsure whether your child is eligible for country bus travel, you can call the bus coordinator, Mike Bulmer, on 4433 4317 or email

To apply for travel, download the Country School Bus Application Form, or get a form from the General Office, which includes the Conditions of Travel and return a completed form to the Office.

The application will then be passed onto the bus coordinator who will then assess your application in accordance with DEECD policy and advise you of your application.

If you are Eligible you will be provided with:

  • Bus service name
  • Bus stop location
  • Bus stop Pick Up & Set Down times
  • Details of the interchange bus service (if you are required to change buses at an interchange).
  • You will need to display a country bus travel sticker on your ID card for travel

Public Transport

For those families that reside within the Bendigo Public Transport System, this will allow for you to travel to WCB by regular timetabled services and/or School Town Specials.

To determine which connecting service is closest to you or best suits your needs you can use the maps HERE. The most common buses used in White Hills, Epsom and Huntly would be the Epsom 10 or the Huntly 8. To access this system you need to obtain a MYKI card which you can buy from the Bendigo Railway Station.

The main School Special bus times and stops can be seen in the timetable below:

*Please note: Weeroona Avenue is the stop that students would get on/off this bus.

School special- AM


Ironstone Road

Epsom PO

Botanic Gardens

Weeroona Avenue






School special- PM

Weeroona Avenue

Botanic Gardens

Epsom PO

Ironstone Road







The connecting service in the morning from the Train Station to WCB is the Epsom 10 which departs the station at 8:34am and arrives at WCB at 8:46am.

In the afternoon, the Huntly 8 departs WCB on the other side of the road at 3:30pm and arrives at the Railway station at 3:45pm.

Conveyance Allowance

If you reside further than 4.8km from WCB and this is your closest school you may be eligible to claim Conveyance Allowance for the reimbursement of the MYKI card. To download a conveyance allowance application form, please click for the Private travel form or for the Public Transport form.

For more information about Conveyance Allowance, please see


Would you please pass on our gratitude to the Principal, teachers and support staff at Weeroona College. Thanks to their efforts, Mary has transitioned well into high school and has enjoyed the extra-curricular activities, such as basketball and Concert band. She has also achieved well academically and enjoyed her first year at your college.

Happy Parents

The Learning Community structures are an excellent model.

My child’s advisor cares about him holistically and this is important to me.

Overall, we are very happy with Weeroona College Bendigo. The teachers are always approachable and very informative.

We have found the energy and enthusiasm from the office staff, teachers, and principal outstanding. Keep up the magical work and we look forward to the coming years.

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