To view a full list of video guides, aimed at assisting parents to use the dashboard, please click HERE.

Today’s students have access to the unlimited knowledge and ways of communicating. With internet access the knowledge of the world and communication is at their fingertips. Here at Weeroona College Bendigo we have been working to create an online learning environment which takes advantage of this vast resource and facilitates easy communication between teachers, students and parents. We are excited to introduce the Weeroona Learning Support Dashboard (WLSD).

There are three main facets to the WLSD: attendance, conduct and learning. During 2014 we introduced the attendance and conduct aspects of the WLSD to students and parents. Learning Spaces is being introduced and phased in over Semester Two, 2014. We anticipate that Learning Spaces will be fully implemented from the beginning of 2015. The WLSD will make communication and sharing of information between teachers, student and parents easier, enabling your child every opportunity to shine.

What the WLSD will do for parents:

  • Provide real time online access to attendance and conduct records for your child.
  • Notification via SMS of absences on the day of the absence.
  • Notification via SMS of positive recognition and conduct entries on the day of occurrence.
What the WLSD will do for students:
  • Provide access to their attendance and conduct records.
  • Email and system notifications for all conduct and reward entries and sessions which they are required to attend.
  • Direct messaging communication from teachers in system.
Future features will provide access to your child’s assessment schedule, a real time record of tasks submitted, tasks outstanding and much more.

How do I access the WLSD?
Go to our college website and follow the WLSD link or go to the address

How does the alert system work?
The alert system works on rules which have been developed according to current college policy and procedure. Each time your child misses a class, achieves a positive recognition or receives a conduct session they are notified on their personal Dashboard on the WLSD and a SMS is sent to their parent. These are generally sent at the end of the school day.

Can I still email or phone teachers?
Yes, personal communication such as these are a vital element in the support of each and every student to achieve their potential.

We look forward to continuing to partner with all families in the education and achievement of all our students. We Create Brilliance.