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About Us – Student Wellbeing Team

Student life can at times be tough especially if you have been sick, had personal or family problems. Sometimes personal issues can get make it difficult for you to study or get on with life.

Having someone to listen can help lighten the load or ease the situation. The Student Wellbeing Team can support and work with you to sort out the problem. We can also help work out any issues you may be having with friends, family or teachers/subjects or other issues which could include:

  • Relationships
  • Self esteem
  • Loss and grief
  • Adolescent health concerns
  • Bullying
  • Safe sex
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking, alcohol and drug use
  • Managing stress and anxiety

We can also put you in touch with community organisations specific to your needs as required.

All services provided by Student Wellbeing staff are voluntary, which means that students can choose whether they wish to attend a service and also have the choice to withdraw from a service.

Students can access wellbeing support by attending the Wellbeing Centre themselves, or can be referred by school staff, parents or other avenues.


Our service is free and confidential, meaning anything discussed with us will not be discussed with anyone without your permission.

Should you be in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, your guardian must be informed for your own safety. This will be done with your knowledge where possible, as we are here to support you.

Chaplaincy at Weeroona College Bendigo

Weeroona College Bendigo is fortunate to have a school chaplain as a part of our wellbeing team. The Chaplain at our school is funded through the Australian Governments National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program and supported by the Bendigo Chaplaincy Committee.

Chaplaincy is a unique service that is of great value to our students, staff and parents, offering care, building the social skills of students, and encouraging responsible behaviour amongst our young people.

Our Chaplain works as an integral part of our Wellbeing Team along with our Student Welfare Coordinator and school Nurse. Together they offer individual support, they plan and implement wellbeing programs across the curriculum and they participate in a broad range of school coordinated activities such as school excursions, camps, sporting events and assemblies. Student engagement in this Program is of a voluntary nature.

Each year our school council seeks feedback from our school community in order to enable us to review and confirm support for the Program. We also maintain a risk management plan which is reviewed annually. School procedures are followed for parents and students to seek referral, manage complaints and to opt out of the Program.

Medical Action Plans

Click HERE for a PDF copy of our Epilepsy action plan.

Click HERE for a PDF copy of our Allergies (no epipen) action plan.

Click HERE for a PDF copy of our Anaphylaxis action plan.

Click HERE for a PDF copy of our Asthma action plan.

Click HERE for a PDF copy of our Diabetes action plan.



Would you please pass on our gratitude to the Principal, teachers and support staff at Weeroona College. Thanks to their efforts, Mary has transitioned well into high school and has enjoyed the extra-curricular activities, such as basketball and Concert band. She has also achieved well academically and enjoyed her first year at your college.

Happy Parents

The Learning Community structures are an excellent model.

My child’s advisor cares about him holistically and this is important to me.

Overall, we are very happy with Weeroona College Bendigo. The teachers are always approachable and very informative.

We have found the energy and enthusiasm from the office staff, teachers, and principal outstanding. Keep up the magical work and we look forward to the coming years.

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