Parent Cares and Concerns

Cares and Concerns Brochure

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Addressing Parent Cares and Concerns at Weeroona College Bendigo

Our focus at WCB is to always achieve the best outcomes for all of our students by providing a safe, caring and supportive learning environment and by building positive, supportive relationships between students, parents and staff.

Sometimes things go wrong and we try to address cares and concerns effectively.


Weeroona College Bendigo hopes that when raising a care or concern that you will:

  • Do so promptly and as soon as possible after the issue occurs
  • Provide complete and factual information about the care or concern, preferably in writing
  • Maintain and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties
  • Acknowledge that a common goal is to achieve an outcome acceptable to all parties
  • Act in good faith, and in a calm and courteous manner
  • Show respect and understanding of each other’s point of view and value difference, rather than judge and blame
  • Recognise that all parties have rights and responsibilities which must be balanced

Weeroona College Bendigo will ensure that the appropriate staff member addresses any care or concern received from parents courteously, efficiently, fairly, within the timeline agreed with the you and in accordance with due process, principles of natural justice and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s regulatory framework.

Raising Cares and Concerns:

In the first instance, we recommend that your care or concern should be raised with us by telephoning, making an appointment and visiting and/or writing to:

  • The student’s Teacher about learning issues and incidents that happened in their class or group;
  • The student’s Learning Advisor about an issue that is broader than that which occurs in a classroom.
  • One of the Learning Community Leaders if students from several classes are involved or if this is not the first time that you have raised the concern
  • The Assistant Principal or Principal about issues relating to school policy, school management, staff members or very complex student issues.
  • If you are not sure who you should raise your concern with, please contact the office on 54432133 and they will direct you to the most appropriate staff member.

How we address your Cares and Concerns

  • All cares and concerns will be noted and acted upon promptly by the staff member who receives it.
  • Please allow a staff member 48 hours to respond as they may be teaching, attending a meeting or involved in other work when you first make contact.
  • The Assistant Principal, Principal, Learning Community Leader, Teacher, Learning Advisor or appropriate delegate will investigate your care or concern and will provide a response to the you. This may be verbal or in writing depending upon what is agreed to by both parties.
  • Concerns and concerns about general school matters (such as the timing of events, school policies and facilities) will be addressed by the Assistant Principal, Principal or a relevant staff member.
  • Weeroona College Bendigo will make every attempt to resolve a concern or concern as quickly as possible. If a concern involves many students and a range of issues, the school will need more time to investigate and resolve it
  • Should the complaint involve complex issues, Weeroona College Bendigo might need to take advice from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Regional Office, which may take more time. The school will advise you of the timeline for addressing the concern and the reasons for any delays. In all cases, the school will try to resolve a concern or complaint as soon as is possible.



Would you please pass on our gratitude to the Principal, teachers and support staff at Weeroona College. Thanks to their efforts, Mary has transitioned well into high school and has enjoyed the extra-curricular activities, such as basketball and Concert band. She has also achieved well academically and enjoyed her first year at your college.

Happy Parents

The Learning Community structures are an excellent model.

My child’s advisor cares about him holistically and this is important to me.

Overall, we are very happy with Weeroona College Bendigo. The teachers are always approachable and very informative.

We have found the energy and enthusiasm from the office staff, teachers, and principal outstanding. Keep up the magical work and we look forward to the coming years.

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