International Women’s Day

WCB 2017 Startup Dates

Please note below for official 2017 startup dates:

27th January 2017 – General Office is Open for 2017 – 8.15pm – 4.15pm
31st January 2017 – Start Up Day Interviews – 4.00pm – 8.00pm
1st February 2017 – Start Up Day Interviews – 9.00am – 1.00pm
2nd February 2017 – 1st Day Term 1 2017 – all students required

Feeling Safe at Weeroona College Bendigo

Information for students and parents about feeling safe at Weeroona College Bendigo can now be downloaded here – [ Download ]

BSSC Course Counselling Sessions Open

BSSC Course Counselling sessions are now open within Compass. Families with year 10 students can now book sessions on Compass.

Compass School Manager at WCB Term 2

Beginning at the start of Term 2 Weeroona College Bendigo will use Compass School Manager as our parent portal and learning management tool. This will replace Studyturf (also known as Weeroona Learning Support Dashboard).

Compass is very intuitive to use and has many functions including the ability to:
Access your child’s assessments from each teacher
Book your Parent/Student/Teacher conferences (replacing the PTO system)
View class and school attendance information
Approve or enter upcoming or past absences
Access information regarding upcoming events and news
Update your registered email and mobile number (used for SMS alerts) details

Parent/Guardian log in details and instructions for Compass have will be mailed home during the Easter holidays. We encourage you to regularly log in to ensure you stay up to date with your child’s progress at school and to access the other functions listed above.

Please sign into Compass Now

Sunsmart in Victoria

Slip on some clothes, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade and side on sunglasses!

National Home Doctor Service

National Home Doctor Service is Australia’s largest network of after hours home visiting doctors. We have over 400 doctors providing after hours care to patients at home and in aged care facilities across Australia. National Home Doctor Service provides the community access to medical care in the comfort of their home when their regular GP is unavailable. The service is fully bulk billed and all doctors are appropriately qualified and trained general practitioners.

2016 Bendigo Festival of Cultures

The Bendigo Festival of Cultures is funded through the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship. The week-long festival showcases the vibrancy of Victoria’s multiculturalism and includes events that encourage participation of the whole community.

For more information please see the following PDF: BFOC16.PDF

Start Up Day 2016 Interviews

Bookings for Start Up Day 2016 interviews are now open.

Please click HERE to take you to the PTO website for Start Up Day 2016 Bookings. You can also click the logo below to go to the PTO booking system.

All students prior to starting in 2016 are to partake in the Start Up Day interviews.

The dates for the Start Up Day Interviews are as displayed below:
  • Thursday 28th of February 4:00pm-8:00 pm.
  • Friday 3rd of February 9:00am-1:00 pm.
Thanks for your cooperation.

Medication Collection

If your child has medication kept in the general office please remember to collect it before the end of the school year. All medication must be taken home and returned in 2016 on start up day if required.

If your child suffers from Anaphylaxis, it is your responsible to provide the general office with an up to date Epipen. All Learning Communities will carry a spare epipen in the event of an emergency. If your child wishes to carry a second epipen on them (or in their locker or bag) they are more than welcome to do so. We recommend notifying your advisor and learning community leader on start up day.

If your child suffers from Asthma, all communities carry a spare puffer. However, we highly recommend your child has their own puffer and spacer with them, either in their school bag or locker.

If you have any further questions regarding your child’s medication, please feel free to see myself on Start-up Day in 2016.

Sarah Warburton – Secondary School Nurse.